We are a different kind of advisory firm


We are a different kind of advisory firm


We are a strategy and management firm that provides advisory services to a syndicate of businesses and politicians.

We serve as strategic advisors, providing expert advice, hands-on leadership, and deep capabilities in strategy and management. We advise businesses and politicians on innovative strategy and effective management practices and work with them to engineer strategies and design, manage, and lead businesses that lead markets and political organizations that win elections. 

Started in 2003, we have over a decade of experience in advising and working with businesses across industries and politicians at multiple levels, across the country. We have had the privilege to work with small businesses, multi-million dollar corporations, nonprofits, political action committees, state and local politicians, real estate investment, financial, engineering, and software firms, as well as personal brands.

Our History

Our History


Founded in 2003, Day & Co is the evolution of years of consulting translated into an organization focused on advising businesses and politicians.

We began as a small business consulting firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We wanted to put our knowledge and skills to work in helping entrepreneurs increase their profits and improve their operations in delivering products and services to the people they served.

Our perspective was different, our approach was unique, and our results outperformed. One successful relationship led to another. Over the years, we have grown organically into an organization that provides advice and support to business leaders across many industries and politicians at multiple levels, across the country, in addressing critical issues and seizing profitable opportunities that fit their business or political organization. 

Our Mission

To advise and work with businesses and political organizations to lead markets and win elections

Our Mission

To advise and work with businesses and political organizations to lead markets and win elections

Our Values

Our values define who we are, guide our actions, and influence the way we work.


We invest in people, not products or ideas. We are focused on building into the people we lead and serve. We want to see them be successful in work and in life.


We believe in partnership where relationships are clearly defined and where both parties have responsibilities, roles to play, and value that they bring to the table. 


Our work focuses on achieving outcomes, not completing tasks. Our satisfaction comes from the difference we make in the lives of the people we lead and serve.



We act with honesty never compromising the truth. Do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons. 


We always do our best. Good enough is never acceptable. We are continually learning and improving. 


Making money is a measure of value and performance of our efforts. It enables us to continually support those we lead and serve. 

Our Culture

Our Culture


We promote a collaborative work environment that fosters open communication and the sharing of information and ideas. We promote close cooperation across our firm and strive to be a firm that is easy to work with and that delivers results.


People are the center of everything we do. Our business is focused on working with, investing in, and developing people. We treat people with dignity and respect and a genuine and willing spirit to help each other in the best way possible.


A constant dissatisfaction with the way things are and a belief that we can always do better are a driving force behind everything we do. Our desire is to continually increase our abilities and improve our practice. 



We are always intentional in why we do things. We stay small and grow selectively allowing us to better serve our partners. We focus on doing a few things well. We want to be specific, delivering distinct products and services, and significant, by focusing on serving a well-defined market and being selective in who we work with. 



We have a habit of divine discontent with our performance. We have high standards and expectations. We are competitors at heart. We like to compete and be the best. We do our homework, prepare correctly, and devote the resources necessary to compete and win. When we have set backs, we learn from them, become stronger, and recover quickly.