What Sets Us Apart


What Sets Us Apart


We are down to earth, comfortable in who we are, and competent in what we do. We are professionals who think differently, can deal with complexity, and who communicate and work well with others. 

We are leaders who live their values both publicly and privately, who lead with their hearts as well as their heads, with knowledge and understanding that comes from being in the trenches, from successes and failures.


We work with, not over or under, businesses and politicians where we both have value to bring to the table, responsibilities, and roles to play to achieve something great.

We go deep to uncover identify opportunities. We set deadlines and create plans to meet them, incisively focus on what is critical for success, work quickly, and dedicate ourselves to winning. 

Our operations are human centered, technologically advanced, data driven, cost effective, and are designed to achieve outcomes, not just complete tasks. We constantly research and vet new ideas and continuously work to improve.

We are true thinking partners on strategy and management.




We bring strategic thinking, technological acumen, and a wealth of knowledge and understanding in strategy and management and what it takes to lead and win in today's business and political environments. 

We have worked with both profitable and distressed businesses and political organizations. We seen the problems behind the numbers and developed solutions in different venues, seeing what works and what doesn't. We have learned the in's and out's, from high level strategy to the technical details, enabling us to quickly identify key issues and practical, workable solutions. 

A firm that has invested resources to rescue and grow business. A firm that knows what it takes to get to the next level.


We approach and see the world differently through an unique set of lenses. We go deep, looking beyond the face value of information to see what is happening behind the numbers. We provide valuable information and vital insights into the aspirations, concerns, and values not yet articulated yet that motivate the behavior of tomorrow's consumers and voters. 

We help our partners anticipate changes in consumer and voter priorities, market conditions, and the competitive environment. We see the early warning signs, detecting challenges and new opportunities early that could affect their value proposition or competitive position, and acting on them more quickly and decisively than others. 




We work at a fast pace with deadlines and plans to meet them. We work intensively, increasing the speed of decision making, response time to problems, addressing critical issues, and seizing profitable opportunities. Our multidisciplinary approach and experience allows us to quickly ascertain key issues and workable solutions enabling our partners to be able to act and respond quickly and decisively to get things done at a fraction of the usual cost. We save valuable time, minimize wasted expenses, resources, or money,  and prevent a great deal of needless trial and error, stress, aggravation, and frustration.

Our Network

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Competence or Experience

Competence or Experience


We are quiet professionals who do their work and let their relationships and results speak for themselves. Silence is freedom and security. Our focus is on our work and putting our experience and capabilities to work. We get more done the quieter we do things.

We do not comment on businesses and politicians we partner with without their consent. Business and politicians turn to us for the ability to to be able to talk with professionals, who are non-competitors, privately about addressing critical issues and seizing profitable opportunities.


Our ability to reach the right audiences with the right value propositions and messages, and move them to action.